Andrew Olendzki, Ph.D., was trained in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in England, as well as at Harvard and the University of Sri Lanka. The former executive director of IMS, executive director at BCBS, and executive editor of the Insight Journal, he is currently senior scholar at BCBS.

May 17, 2010, Andrew was interviewed on the Tricycle Magazine Editor’s Blog about his new book, Unlimiting Mind (see below). You can watch the interview here:

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In the Summer, 2010 edition of Buddhadharma magazine, Andrew partcipates in a panel discussion with Norman Fisher and Lama Palden Drolma. You may read it on the Buddhadharma site here or in the pdf file here: Sex, Lies and Buddhism.


Unlimiting Mind: The Radically Experiential Psychology of Buddhism, Wisdom Publications, 2010


Andrew is the Senior Scholar at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. In addition to Unlimiting Mind: The Radically Expertimental Psychology of Buddhism (Wisdom Publications, 2010), he is the author of chapters in 10 scholarly books on Buddhism and Psychology, and more than 180 articles in Tricycle, Buddhadharma, Shambala Sun, Insight Journal, Inquiring Mind, Mindfulness, and scholarly journals.

His primary interest is bringing his scholarly understanding to those interested in using the classic Buddhist texts to further their practice of Buddhadhamma. At BCBS, he has taught regular courses on the classical Buddhism of the Pāli canon, Buddhism and psychology, and related topics for more than 30 years. During the same period he has also taught at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, the New York Insight Meditation Society, the Cambridge Insight Meditation Society, the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies (Palo Alto, California), as well as visiting lectures and conference presentations around the globe.

In addition to his current role as Senior Scholar, Andrew was Executive Director (1994-2012) of Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. He is currently dividing his time between Senior Scholar roles at both BCBS and the Mind & Life Institute in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Since coming to BCBS in 1990, shortly after its founding, he has, in addition to his work there, taught as a visiting faculty member at Smith College, Hampshire College, Amherst College, Harvard Divinity School, Lesley University, Brandeis University, Harvard University, and Connecticut College.

He was Executive Director of the Insight Meditation Society from 1990 to 1996. He was a board member and later board president of Dharma Seed, an archive of recorded Dharma talks now made available to millions of people worldwide. He has also served on the boards of the Insight Meditation Society, the Insight Foundation, the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is a steward of the Oxford Center for Buddhist Studies.

Andrew holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Lancaster, England (1987), as well as an MA from Lancaster (1978). He also studied at Harvard University and the University of Sri Lanka. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder (1977). He served on the faculty at Montserrat College of Art and Bryant College.


BIBLIOGRAPHY for Andrew Olendzki

Sutta Studies

Outline of Abhidhamma
Meditation on the Elements
The Case Against Racism

Pali Poetry

Mara Rebuffed
No Harmful Thought
Beyond Joy and Sorrow
Fully Quenched


Here is a talk given at the Common Ground center in Minneapolis in July of 2009:

Buddhist Maps of the Mind.

These two talks were given at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA:

Grasping and the Creation of Self
Nature Poetry





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INSIGHT JOURNAL. Journal of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

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  • Articles: Mindfulness of Breathing; The Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness; Outline of Abhidhamma; The Case Against Racism; Understanding the Hindrances; Truth; Advice to a Dying Man; The Matrix of Experience; Pilgrimage to Buddhist India (photos); The Net of Brahma; Brahma Vihāra Matrix.
  • Pali Translation (with comment): Kāma Sutta; Words Well Said; The Greatest Happiness; Free of Fear; Resourcefulness; Attached to Nothing; Mara Rebuffed; No Harmful Thought; Beyond Joy and Sorrow; Fully Quenched; A Face So Calm; Buddha in the Forest; The Steadfast Family Man; Crossing the Rohini; Keeping the Wheel Rolling; The Edicts of King Ashoka; The Lonely Forest Dweller.

INSIGHT. Journal of Insight Meditation Society & Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

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  • Pali Translation (with comment): Skinny Gotami and the Mustard Seed; Dharma Rain; The Moon Released; Stealing the Scent; Teaching the Dhamma; Cutting the Stream; The Blooming Lotus; Three Views of Transience, The Healing Medicine of Dhamma; Not Arming Oneself ; Like Moths to a Flame; The Foolish Monkey; You Call Yourself a Farmer?; Upon the Tip of a Needle; Let the Wilderness Serve!; Ashoka’s Dharma; Directed and Undirected Meditation; Breaking the Cycle; A Tree Called Steadfast; No Greater Contentment; The Tathāgata is ‘Truly Gone’; Māra Meets His Match; Mahākassapa: At Home in the Mountains; A Mother’s Blessing; The Parable of the Six Creatures; Beaten Like a Thief; The Soothing of Grief; The Call of the Peacocks; A Wish of Loving Kindness; A Teaching Hard To Know; The Bamboo Acrobat; This World is Blind!; Buddha Speaks to Rāhula in the Mango Sapling Garden; Calm in the Face of Anger; The Kālāma’s Dilemma; Ānanda Alone; Kāmada’s Lament; Rain of the Deva.


  • column: THUS HAVE I HEARD.
  • (Fall 2014) The Mindfulness Wedge
  • (Summer 2014) Simple Awareness
  • (Spring 2014) Pleasure and Pain
  • (Winter 2013) The First Person
  • (Fall 2013) Ten Billion Moments
  • (Summer 2013) Bait and Switch
  • (Spring 2013) Turning the Corner
  • (Winter 2012) The Buddha’s Smile
  • (Fall 2012) Pinch Yourself
  • (Summer 2012) Finding the Center
  • (Spring 2012) Moral Health
  • (Winter 2011) Primordial Soup
  • (Fall 2011) Castles Made of Sand
  • (Summer 2011) Blinded by Views
  • (Spring 2011) A Perfect Storm
  • (Winter 2010) Mind Like a Mirror
  • (Fall 2010) The Other Dukkha
  • (Summer 2010) A Modest Awakening
  • (Spring 2010) I Think I Am
  • (Winter 2009) Busy Signal
  • (Fall 2009) Appearance and Reality
  • (Summer 2009) Burning Alive;
  • (Winter 2008) Karma in Action;
  • (Summer 2008) Medicine for the World
  • (Spring 2008) Unreal Imagination Exists
  • (Fall 2007) The Ties that Unbind
  • (Spring 2007) A Universal Formula
  • (Winter 2006) Changing Your Mind
  • (Fall 2006) Calm in the Face of Anger
  • (Summer 2006) Keeping Your Balance
  • (Spring 2006) In the Blink of an Eye
  • (Winter 2005) No Essence
  • (Fall 2005) Removing the Thorn
  • (Summer 2005) Self is a Verb
  • (Spring 2005) This Fathom-Long Carcass.
  • article: (Summer 2003) The Wisdom of Giving.
  • interview: (Winter 2003) Back to the Beginning: An Interview with Andrew Olendzki.


  • (Fall 2013) Forum: Karma
  • (Spring 2013) Walking the Talk
  • (Summer 2010) Forum: Sex, Lies and Buddhism
  • (Fall 2008) The Real Mindfulness: An Abhidhamma Perspective
  • (Spring 2008) Forum: Does Buddhism Make You Happier?
  • (Fall 2006) Dharma Dictionary: Papañca
  • (Fall 2005) Mapping the Buddhist Landscape; Book review: In the Buddha’s Words
  • (Fall 2003) Dharma Dictionary: Nibbida.


  • (Fall 2012) Self Illusion 2.0; (Winter 2005) Three Little Words: Translating the Dhammapada.

INQUIRING MIND, Journal of the Vipassanā Community (Berkley, California).

  • articles:
  • (Spring 2004) Making Sense of the Mind
  • (Fall 2000) Translations of Impermanence
  • (Spring 1995) Everything is Important but Nothing Matters
  • (Fall 1994) Nobody’s In
  • (Fall 1993) An Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object
  • (Spring 1993) Insight and Ethics
  • (Spring 1992) Sharing the Dhamma
  • (Spring 1991) Sati Poţ-ţhāna: The Mindfulness of Pot Scrubbing.
  • book review: The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha (Fall 1995).



  • Integrated Study and Practice Program. (2006-present) Year-long study and practice program.
  • Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy Certificate Program. (2009-present) 9-month program.
  • Bhāvana Program in Buddhist Studies. (1998 present) Founder and core teacher of 7-day study/retreat program bringing detailed study of Buddhist texts into a classical silent vipassanā retreat setting.
  • Buddhist Psychology Program. (1996 present) Founder and core teacher of a 5-day study program in Buddhist Psychology; CE credits offered to qualified mental health professionals.
  • Nālanda Program in Buddhist Studies. (1994 -present) Full immersion study/practice for undergaduates.
  • Experiential Pāli and Buddhist Studies. (1990 present) Pāli language and texts; Buddhist philosophy, psychology, Abhidhamma. Emphasis upon the integration of academic study with meditative practice.
  • Cambridge Campus, Cambridge, MA. (1999 2001)
  • (Fall 2001) Semester: Classical Buddhist Psychology in Contemporary Perspective (with Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy guest faculty).
  • (Spring 2000) Semester: Looking Closely at What the Buddha Said About… (thematic textual study seminar).
  • (Feb 2000) Workshop: Mind, Meditation & Transformation.
  • (Mar 2000) Workshop: The Foundations of Mindfulness.
  • (Apr 2000) Workshop: Interdependent Origination.
  • (May 2000) Workshop: Early Buddhist Nature Poetry.
  • (Oct 2000) Workshop: De-Mystifying the Abhidhamma.
  • (Spring 1999) Semester: The Buddhist Doctrine of Interdependent Origination: An Historical, Philosophical and Contemplative Investigation.

Visiting Teacher.

  • (2013, 2011) Teacher Training Program
  • (2007-8) Integrated Study and Practice Program for IMS staff.
  • Pāli Language Teacher.
  • (fall 1993) semester: Selected Readings of Pāli Texts.
  • (fall 1992) Semester: Pāli Texts: Mettā Sutta.
  • (fall 1991) semester: Pāli Texts: Satipaţţhāna Sutta.
  • (fall 1990) Semester: Pāli Texts: Jhāna Suttas.
  • (fall 1989) semester: Pāli Texts: Jātakas.
  • (fall 1988) semester: Intermediate Pāli.
  • (fall 1987) semester: Introduction to Pāli.


  • Visiting Teacher.
  • (Apr 2014) Early Buddhist Maps of the Mind
  • (Jan-Dec 2013—12 sessions) year-long Integrated Study and Practice Program; Dharma Past
  • (Sep 2012) Present
  • (Oct 2012) Future
  • (Nov 2012)
  • (Jan-Dec 2011—12 sessions) year-long Study and Practice Program
  • (spring 2010) The Lost Art of Doing One Thing at a Time
  • (spring 2009) Peace
  • (spring 2008) Interdependent arising of Self and World
  • (fall 2004) The Earliest Teachings of the Buddha
  • (spring 2004) 108 Mental Objects of Meditation
  • (fall 2003) Living Together in Harmony
  • (spring 2003) Rebirth Occurs, But Nobody is Reborn
  • (fall 2001—3 sessions) Cultivating Healthy Relationships; Working With Mental States; The Transformative Power of Intention.
  • (fall 2000) Workshop: Buddhist Psychology.

CAMBRIDGE INSIGHT MEDITATION CENTER, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Visiting Teacher.

  • (spring 2001) workshop: Cultivating Wise Attention.
  • (spring 2000) workshop: Working With Mental States.
  • (spring 1996) workshop: Classical Buddhist Psychology.
  • (spring 1995) workshop: Essentials of Buddhist Psychology.
  • (fall 1994) Semester: Introduction to Pāli language.
  • (fall 1991) Semester: Pāli Textual Studies.
  • (fall 1990) semester: Introduction to Pāli language.

SATI CENTER FOR BUDDHIST STUDIES, Palo Alto, California. Visiting Teacher.

  • (winter 2005) The Psychology of Transformation
  • (spring 2004) The Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness
  • (fall 2001) Householder Practice.
  • (fall 1999) The Nature of Consciousness.
  • (fall 1998) The Life and Times of Gotama Buddha.
  • (fall 1997) The Doctrine of Interdependent Origination.
  • (fall 1996) A Guide to the Pāli Tipiţaka.



  • (Apr 2013) Mind & Life Institute symposium: Buddhist Maps of the Mind; (Jan 2013) Glastonbury Abbey: Listening to Other Voices. The Interdependence of Self and Other.
  • Numerous talks and lectures given at: Westchester University (PA); Amherst College (MA); University of Toronto; Nālandā College (Toronto); Williams College (MA); Smith College (MA); Mass. School of Professional Psychology (MA); The Garrison Institute (NY); The United Nations (NY); Brandeis University (MA); Wesleyan University (CT); Dowling College (NY); Fairfield University (CT); New York University (NY); The Interfaith Center (NY); Blanton-Peale Institute of Psychology (NY); Deaconess School of Psychiatry (MA); Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (MA); Mercyhurst College (PA); The Tibet Center (NY); Naropa University (CO); Swarthmore College (PA).


  • (Oct 2013) Inter-Disciplinary Buddhist Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Keynote: Interdependent Aggregates of Experience.
  • (Sep 2013) The Couch and the Cushion: Psychoanalysis and Buddhism, PINE Psychoanalytic Center, Boston, MA. Paper: Buddhist Psychology: A Work in Process.(Jun 2013) Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison Institute, NY. Presentation: Early Buddhist Maps of the Mind. (Mar 2013) Convener and moderator: Secular Buddhism: Rethinking the Nikāyas for our Times [at BCBS].
  • (Apr 2012) Harvard Medical School, Meditation and Psychotherapy: Practicing Compassion. Paper: Loving Kindness and Compassion: What the Buddha Knew. (Oct 2011) Columbia University, Contemporary Perspectives on Buddhist Ethics. Paper: Why Meditation is Transformative.
  • (Apr 2010) Smith College, Technologies of Awareness. Paper: Understanding Consciousness.
  • (Jul 2009/10) Upper Midwest Institute of Buddhist Studies, Workshops: Buddhist Psychology; Buddhist Ethics. (Nov 2008) Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mindfulness: Theory and Practice. Keynote address: A New Psychology for a New Era.
  • (Jul 2008) Garrison Institute, Community Dharma Leader Training.
  • (Oct 2007) New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis, and The New School for Social Research Clinical Psychology Program, Enlightening Relationships: Psychotherapy & Buddhism. Paper: Dependent Origination.
  • (Jul 2007) Institute For Meditation And Psychotherapy, Boston, MA New England Educational Institute course: Buddhist Psychology. (Jan 2006) Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Keynote speaker, faculty development day: Mindfulness and Education.
  • (Jul 2006) Conference Paper: The Interdependent Self. (Jun 2006) Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. & Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA. Paper: Meditation in Psychotherapy: Constructing the Self, Moment by Moment.
  • (Jul 2005) Conference Paper: The Construction of Self
  • (Sept. 2004) Boston University Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Boston, MA, Buddhism and Psychotherapy in the 21st Century. Paper: The Promise of No-Self.
  • (July 2004) Conference Paper: Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology. (Jul 2002) Conference Paper: Understanding (Inter-Dependent Origination.
  • (Nov 2001) Kripalu Center, Lennox, MA, Yoga and Buddhism Conference. Keynote Lecture: Perspectives on Self and Non-Self.
  • (Apr 1999) University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, Mindfulness and Learning. Conference organizer, host and moderator. Paper: Mindfulness and Learning: Overcoming the Hindrances.
  • (Mar 1996) Harvard University Conference in Honor of Masatoshi Nagatomi. Paper: Early Buddhist Appreciation of Nature.
  • (Nov 1995) Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, Annual Convention, Chicago. Paper: Mission and Dialogue: Theravāda Perspectives.
  • (Jun 1995) Theravada Buddhism and the West, Barre, MA. Organizer, host and moderator for major 3-day conference held at BCBS involving Theravada monastics and Western lay dharma teachers.
  • (Nov 1988) American Academy of Religion, Buddhism Section. National Convention, Chicago. Paper: Cognitive Science and Buddhism.
  • (Nov 1987) Harvard University, Buddhist Studies Forum. Paper: Interdependent Origination Reconsidered.


  • Numerous talks and lectures at: Tovana Meditation Group (Tel Aviv), Community Meditation Center (NY), Garrison Institute (NY), Yucca Valley (CA), Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (MA), Sati Center for Buddhist Studies (CA), Redwood City Dharma Center (CA); Northampton Sitting Group (MA), Pioneer Valley Meditation Center (MA), Brattleboro Sitting Group (VT), Insight Meditation Society (MA), San Diego Dharma Study Group (CA), Santa Cruz Sitting Group (CA), Common Ground (MN), and elsewhere.



  • (Feb 2007) Leader of the Tricycle Pilgrimage in India: In the Footsteps of the Buddha.
  • (1989-90) One month’s research in Rājgir, site of the ancient capital Rājagaha, and Nālandā University (Nava Nālandā Mahā Vihāra).
  • (1979-80) One year’s travel and study in India (5 mos.), Sri Lanka (6 mos.), Thailand, China and Japan: study of meditation, language, religion, culture, and arts.