students in the old classroom set up in Dharma Hall

Registration Information

New course cancellation policy starting with 2015 courses

Starting with 2015 courses, there will be a minimum cancellation fee of $50 for all courses more than two nights and $25 for day-longs and weekends. Prior policies will also remain in effect:

  • 50% of the deposit if between six and two weeks prior to the course
  • 100% of the deposit if cancelled within the last two weeks.
  • This change is in response to the increasing number of cancellations and the staff resources needed to process them.

Three-tier course fee structure

Our three-tier structure for course fees is designed to make transparent to you the real costs to BCBS. Course fees have never covered our actual cost of $150 per student per night. We have not increased them in five years. The three-tier system will allow us to continue to offer the current low fee to those who need it.

Our lowest rate, “supported,” is the same as 2013 course fees-–well below costs. “Mid-level” gets closer to costs; “Sustaining” covers costs. Choosing a higher tier helps make courses available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Any amount above “Supported” is considered a tax-deductible gift.

  • To register online, click here.
  • To register by mail, download this form (see below for important notes).
  • (When registering by mail, please use a separate form and check for each course and person.)
  • Registration and deposit are required to hold your place in a course.
  • Registrations are confirmed once a deposit has been received.
  • (When registering by mail, please register and place deposit at least 10 days before course begins.)
  • For information about Continuing Education credits, please click here.