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In the Buddhist tradition, wisdom is nurtured by a deep investigation of experience involving both dharma study and meditation practice. The Insight Journal, which BCBS has published since 1994, is dedicated to exploring some of the insights that a balanced inquiry uncovers about ourselves, our world, and our fellow beings.

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  • Interview
    Bursting the Bubbles
    David Loy
  • Interview
    The Buddha Doesn't Do "Cozy"
    John Peacock
  • Sutta Study
    No Hatred for Anyone
    Andrew Olendzki
  • Interview
    Getting Out of the Romantic Gate
    Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  • Sutta Study
    Metta Sutta Verse 3
    Andrew Olendzki
  • Article
    "Seeing" the Āsavas
    Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
  • Interview
    Talking with Andrew Olendzki About His New Roles
    Andrew Olendzki
  • Article
    New rivers, new rafts: The Secular Buddhism Conference
    Chris Talbott
  • Article
    The Four Assemblies and Theravāda Buddhism
    Bhikkhu Anālayo
  • Interview
    Love and Compassion in the Visuddhimagga
    Maria Heim