The Self-Study Program is designed for those wishing to explore various aspects of the Buddhist textual tradition in a quiet and contemplative environment. The majority of those who participate in this program will have a private cottage with private kitchen, bathroom, and porch, as well as full access to the library, reading room, and Dharma Hall. In many cases, participants will also have access to resident scholars who may be able to offer guidance with research or study topics. While you are here, you will be responsible for your own food and for preparing your own meals. We ask for a 3-day to 2-week range of stay.

Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, and space is normally only available when courses are not in session. Please check the online course listing for program dates. Your acceptance into the program depends upon space availability and the suitability of your project.

Cost of the program is $40 per person per day.

Please complete the application below, and we will try to respond in the next few days.

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